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Dedicated To Produce The Greens

We offer Coolant Dyes, Coolant Liquids, Solvent Dyes, Dye Intermediates and Acid Dyes that have minimum effect on the ecosystem. We are acknowledged as a company that takes care of its surroundings in several different ways such as:
  • We use natural gas for equipment and boilers.
  • We are a member of ENVIRO TECHNOLOGY LTD. - an effluent treatment plant that is situated near our factory site.
  • We are also a member of BHARUCH ENVIRO INFRASTRUCTURE LTD., A company that undertakes treatment plant and solid waste management.
  • Primary treatments such as controlling BOD, PH, COD and decarburization of the effluents, are handled at a different primary treatment plant, which is located in the factory itself.
  • Second treatment of effluent waste, which is generated by the plant, is taken care by the ETL.

Our Products

We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying:
  • Solvent Dyes
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Solvent Blue 35
    • Solvent Blue 36
    • Solvent Blue 78
    • Solvent Blue 59
    • Solvent Green 3
    • Solvent Orange 2
    • Solvent Orange 7
    • Solvent Red 1
    • Solvent Red 23
    • Solvent Red 24
    • Solvent Red 27
    • Solvent Red 43
    • Solvent Yellow 14
    • Solvent Yellow 18
    • Solvent Yellow 72
  • Acid Dyes
    • Acid Yellow 73
    • Acid Red 87
  • Coolant Dyes
  • Coolant Liquids
  • Dye Intermediates

Man and Machine Power

We have a sophisticated plant in Gujarat that houses some of the most advanced machines and equipment. Here, the products are made under the supervision of skilled supervisors. Our competent team manufactures the products and carry out the quality tests on the final products. The quality tests, which are carried out are:
  • Raw Material Analysis
  • Process Control Tests at Different Levels:
    • On the completion of Coupling
    • On the completion of Diazo Reaction
    • On the completion of Washing
  • Finished Products Analysis
    • Solvent In-Solubles
    • Moisture Control
    • PH Of Water Extract
    • Melting Point
    • Chloride Contents
    • Bulk Density
    • Sulphate Ash
    • Slave Test

Men at the Heilm

Hemant Suntankar - Director, Marketing

He is an MBA, having solid experience of a 28 years in this domain.

Ajit Nair- Managing Director

Mr. Nair's holds an M. Tech degree and have rich experience in the industry. His attention to details and acute understanding of the business have made him earn a reputable position in the company.

Anand Nair- Director, Finance

The money management of the company is taken care by Mr. Anand Nair. He is an MBA who holds relevant experience in the field.

Shankar Narayanan - Director, Production

Mr. Narayanan handles the production activities. He is the man behind the production of quality products. His experience and know-how in the dyestuff arena assisted him to make priceless contributions in the company's progress and growth.