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    Solvent Dyes

    The provided Yellow Solvent Dyes are primarily soluble in natural solvents and typically used as a concentration in them. These will feasibly not create any residues or discrete films while being produced. They are entirely insoluble in liquid mediums. Alongside their strong capacity of being mixed in natural solvents, it makes them very imperative in improving varied shades with the consistency and quality. Besides, the granular redisposition additionally makes these Yellow Solvent Dyes soluble in solutions of non-polar grades.
    The offered Orange Solvent Dyes are utilized as solutions in natural solvents and are dye soluble in natural solutions. There are numerous dyes possessing the generic name as orange solvents. These are insoluble in aqueous solutions. The molecules of our dyes are little polar or non-polar. They never ever undergo ionization. Our Orange Solvent Dyes create a colloidal solution. These have poor to great light fastness characteristic. They never form residues and discrete membranes while production. These are also safe to use and store.
    Solvent red 1, red 23, red 234 and many more variants are provided to the customers and various industries under this Red Solvent Dyes range. These dyes are formulated by using safe and quality compounds. They find application in numerous industries such as chemical, paper, metal and many others. These come in ideal consistency that make them simple to dissolve in different liquid solutions. However, the customers should be careful while using our Red Solvent Dyes because they are concentrated form of solvents.
    Our company is providing Green Solvent Dyes that find application in chemical, plastic, paper and many other industries. These are formulated by using safe compounds that work on varied kinds of materials. They tend be dyes that belong to anthraquinone group. These improve the color with consistency as well as quality through their strong capacity of being soluble in natural solvents. The provided Green Solvent Dyes are soluble in solution of non-polar groups because of their granular redisposition. These are utilized in aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, oils, fats, waxes and many other materials.
    Anmol Colorants Global Private Limited is a prominent provider and maker of Blue Solvent Dyes that are utilized in numerous industries such as basic dyes, reactive dyes and many others. To have more information about the dyes, contact our experts and get familiar with the dyes utilized in distinctive industries. These dyes are consistent to quality and color shades. They have an ideal light fastness characteristic that implies they have the capacity to tolerate color when represented to light or sun. With our Blue Solvent Dyes, there is zero precipitation following an extensive storage.